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I thought I would share this lovely testimonial received yesterday -  "I have come away from this intensive workshop with everything I wanted from it.

i.e. to work with a professional artist with years of experience in this medium ( a rare find in the UK)

      the confidence to easily set up a basic studio ( I was a bit daunted at the prospect),.

      the hands on experimence to learn the essential techniques to produce a professional piece of work ( I may have given up if I had been left to my own devices)

      lots of techniques to practise and develop (wow can't wait!)


Dawn is such a lovely person, so open and very generous in sharing her knowledge.  She is an excellent teacher and very patient!.

I am so excited by this medium and the more Dawn and I talked the more I began to understand the huge potential is has.  I feel my work is on the brink of entering fresh and exciting new territory.  Thank you so much Dawn for all your help and inspiration.


And thank you very much Sheila for taking the time to write to me, I can't wait to see how Sheila progresses with her work and look forward to showing you some of her paintings once she gets started, good luck Sheila !.





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